HDTS 1,2,3 & 5 publications were produced by Lisa Anne Auerbach and special guest writers. Lisa Anne is the author of a long legacy of zines (both print and web based) including of American, Sadlesore, The Casual Observer, and Snowflake.

Download the HDTS 01 publication here.
Download the HDTS 02 publication here.
Download the HDTS 03 publication here.
Download the HDTS 05 publication here.
To order a real live copy of Lisa Anne's HDTS catalogs click here.


Pruess Press, located in Chinatown LA, produced the catalog for HDTS4 - unfortunately the free publication was so popular that it vanished almost the minute it hit the stands at HDTS HQ - Contact Pruess Press for further details!


David Dodge designed HDTS 07 and HDTS CB08.
Download the HDTS 07 publication here.
HDTS CB08 coming soon.

Other publications available from HDTS4 include "Interpretive Taxonomy for the California Oriente in the Vicinity of Joshua Tree" by Chris James. This is a fold out brochure available to HDTS visitors over the weekend of the event. For your own copy of the original brochure email Chris here.