Crystals and mentalphysics

182 Perfect form found in nature, the spiritual triangle of BREATH, LIGHT, SOUND that leads the human mind to a divine state of consciousness, according to one Ding Le Mei, founder of the Institute of Mentalyphysics in Joshua Tree. The triangle is deeply reflected in the architecture of the place, all geometric celings, roofs with jagged edges, secret triangle windows looking in on crystals. The Science Mentalyphysics is about breathing, about using the breath to awaken the spirit within; at the Tuesday evening breathing classes, students learn the 8 sacred breathing techniques, one being the Vibr-o Magnetic Breath. With proper breath work, anxieties can be quelled, we can feel awake without caffeine, and experience reality as our own, realizing that what we see and smell everyday is subjective; we choose the components of the reality we exist in, build it inside of our minds, give it meaning.  This structure was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a manifestation of the balance reached within, vortex energy, Lay lines of electomagnetism below the surface of the earth. I feel one of these everytime I go, by the Oleander passage way behind a bush. My whole body starts tingling, I feel my lungs, all is deeply calm. 

183 The energy of George, who I meet at Sky Village, a crystal hunter who has spent his life travelling to every country, every corner of the earth, digging in many fine-nesses of sand in search of crystals; tourmaline, citrine, quartz, labradorite, gypsum, opal.... Life is for learning about the earth, all of the places, all of the people, if you dont have money, its still worth it to figure out how to get there, be in deserts, lake beds, glowing volcanoes, deepest forests, rugged coasts. This is life, this is being present. He has an eye for crystals, a knowing touch of the land, a prospector of all kinds of magical ancient minerals. He understands the conditions for growth, and knows where to look! He told me I can join him whenever I want, he knows some special spots in the Mojave for Halite and yellow crystal. Raw Opal in my hand, shimmering like oil slick phospherescence, this energy too makes me remember my breath, the sublime-ness of a small and beautiful thing.

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