Desert Library

Abbey, Edward Desert Solitaire

Abbey, Edward The Best of Edward Abbey

Ainsworth, Ed Five Acres of Heaven

Alexander, Christopher A Pattern Language

Austin, Mary Beyond Borders: The Selected Essays of Mary Austin

Berry, Wendell The Unsettling of America

Bachelard, Gaston The Poetics of Space

Hiss, Tony The Experience of Place

Hyde, Lewis The Gift

Krakaur, Jon Into the Wild

Kurutz, KD and Gary California Calls You

Nash, Roderick Wilderness and the American Mind

Schama, Simon Landscape and Memory

Smithson, Robert The Collected Writings

Solnit, Rebecca Storming the Gates of Paradise

Thoreau, Henry David Collected Writings

Tuan, Yi-Fu Space and Place

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I would love more suggestions!!!




December 6, 2013 - 5:57am

goodmorning. i would recommend "the desert" by john van dyke. its an early 20th century love letter really, addressed to us. Im near el rito, new mexico. hope to visit you sometime.