Inside to Outside to a Whole New One

297 The way the desert is, weaving what ever it is that I am thinking about into an endless curving strange fabric that covers until the horizon. The feedback loop. Time happens and happens. I have not written in this space for a while, as I have not been reflecting, and have really just become a part of the boulders, etc.  When people come from outside there is a pocket to re imagine, to see the shift in a brain coming from a city, from everything closer up all the time, from louder language and quieter nature to an expanse of tan and sky and self. Priska and Andrea came from Basel, Switzerland to research for their next fashion publication. The last one was about color and subjectivity, and feeling, and the importance of the specificity of individual experience in fashion. They came here to consider the whole practice of life and living, of the choices people make when they decide to leave what is known, and start a thing out here. Right now its so windy that it looks foggy, but its light yellow and sand. Priska and Andrea were doing research in the desert about the human spirit, so we went and talked with BC about toning and creativity, and what it takes to be here. Talked to Reanna about solar ovens, and quilting, and living communally in an extended family compound. To Garth about water, and what he wore when he was wandering barefoot on a spiritual quest. His clothes rolled into a bag with pockets that was also a bed-roll and pillow, all home-made and sewn.They left everyone we talked to with a post-card with a question on it, for the research, which everyone is supposed to mail back. Mine is What are you dis-satified with? The place in Switzerland which is the most similar to the desert is the Rhine River, because it is wild, and because people in the city find a quiet place on a boat and feel the current that has always been. Having visitors with questions and a feeling to know a place and learn from, and realize that here is all about us, and what we have inside, and what is assumed, then the layers beneath. 298