166 I am buliding a solar oven based on this mans plans, where I will bake desert bread in the courtyard here. Solar ovens are a radical, simple technology, reflecting the suns energy, light, and heat in a geometric way to cook food, at temperatures up to 300 degrees farenheit! These ovens are used all over the world, as a primary way of preparing food. The largest solar oven is in India, and produces 38,000 meals a day! A solar oven relies on the cycles of the sun, on sunny days.  You don't need to convert anything into energy, energy is there, all around us, all the time. We are not unlike plants, really, in our use of the directness of the sun. Solar panels too are an amazing photovoltaic phenonmenon---storing the energy of the sun! No need to destroy something to make something else, nothing is added to the universe, like when coal is burned. The sun renews itself, it is forever, a ball of fire energy in the sky, with a strong gravitational pull. Of course we are drawn to its light, of course it sustains us. We are magnetically connected.