Monday, Oct. 14: Kingman, AZ



Got a late start on Monday leaving with AZ,  we got some Santana's burritos for the road.  On the way to the 40 we passed Bennett Williamson - who was taking down his piece "Next Punchline 30 Miles" with his team of friends and volunteers when we saw him.  


Bennett told us that many of his visitors were from all over the US and abroad and not just locals from Cali or Arizona.  His piece consisted of two interacting billboards on the Highway that told a "bad joke."  The first billboard set up the joke "How do billboards talk?" and then a little ways down the road another billboard stated the punchline "They use sign language!"  Amazing. 




Got into Kingman, Arizona in time for dinner at the Palacina with the HDTS crew, volunteers, and artists.  Awesome Mexican Food served by a very friendly waitress originally from Orange County.  



At the Hill Top Motel DocuMART, created by artists Alex Kenefick & "JP" Julianna Parr, was in full swing, and you could pick up a personalized passport that guarantees passage "without delay or hindrance and in case of need to give all lawful aid and protection" throughout the world and even in worlds beyond time and space.  My passport states, under the Special Modifications section, that I am "Just a touch lonely sometimes."  Perfect.  When you first approach the office you are greeted by the enthusiastic intern Andrew who tells you to follow a colored tape line that leads you to a specific processing station.  


From there you are given an application that asks very personal and funny questions ranging from whether you are married and what it's like to be married or not married to "please draw a picture that describes your feelings about only now getting to the form part of the application in the space provided here."  


Then after you turn in your paperwork, one of the DocuMART employees types up your passport/official document, takes your photo, and tapes it together right then and there and hands it to you.  

321 343

Otto Hudson Thomas aka Potato, Brad and Brooks' pug dog, was finally able to get his passport.  Some people even decided to get married in the makeshift chapel in one of the corners of the fully utilized office room.  (There was even a children's play area under one of the desks with stuffed animals!)  The HDTS publication says that DocuMART is an installation involving a low-overhead, illicit permiting and papers office...[it] focuses on citizenship, marriage equality, freedom, governance and, humanization of the individual...bridging the gap between paperwork procedures and the essence of humanity.

Souvenir Collab, by Julia Barbee & Matt Suplee, struck again at the Hill Top Hotel, with a fortune cookie and a photo of the motel office perfect for rearview mirror hanging.


Before leaving Kingman we had breakfast at the Roadrunner Cafe where we were served by another amazing waitress, Rina, who was wearing a Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt designed by her husband.  It featured two bees dressed as ghosts, one positioned over each breast, with the shirt stating "Save the Boo Bees!"  AZ is fully in love with Kingman, and is already planning an HDTS event there/is trying to convince us all to buy property here, her usual.  We then set off to Crown King, AZ and on our way we'll see Catharine Stebbins' Desert Traces piece and Maya Gurantz' Doomsday Creches piece.