I met up with the lovely BC DeVore last week at Natural Sisters to talk about the Transition Joshua Tree Initiative. BC is a totally amazing lady! She works as a therapist with people in the military, and has the kindest eyes. We spoke about the importance of drumming as a way to connect people. She works with the Kids Are IT group in Transition Joshua Tree. The Transition Joshua Tree Initiative is based on the following ideas.

1) Encourage the citizens of the Morongo Basin to face and understand the growing threats to our community’s quality of life due to the interconnected challenges of climate change, an unstable global economy and the end of inexpensive and abundant fossil fuels

2) Foster a dynamic community organizing process that unleashes the collective genius of our citizens to envision a better future and start the transition to a more resilient, sustainable way of life.

3) Organize the community to develop a comprehensive Energy Action Plan that will delineate our transition away from fossil fuels.

There are transition initiatives all over the world. These towns are based on ideas of permaculture and interdependence. Look at the map below to see where this is happening!115