Saturday, Oct. 19: Back to Joshua Tree


5am leave the Holiday Inn Express with Mari Jain and begin 10+ hour drive back to Joshua Tree to make it in time for work at 6pm later today.


I stop every few hours to take a 10 minute nap, take the dog out for food and bathroom breaks, to text the HDTS crew that I miss them and to hear about what event they’re at, and to check out a Native American owned store to buy a turquoise ring and beaded “Navajo made” headband. 

















The 40 Freeway from Arizona to California’s Mojave Desert makes an almost seamless transition of landscape.  The mountains of California are just a less craggy version of the tree-less mountains of Arizona.  Even in my dazed state, I realize how well Amboy and Wonder Valley hold up to the beauty of the landscapes I’ve admired in the Southwest states we’ve covered on this trip.  I fall in love again with my part of the desert and am surprised to realize it’s relative closeness to where I live in 29 Palms.  After a long road-trip like this, a one to two hour drive is a piece of cake.  I should be driving down this road whenever possible.  The sun is setting as I drive through the two-way road passing isolated desert dwellings, creosote bushes, mountains, sand, and motorcyclists.


I make it to work with 15 minutes to spare as I change my mental focus to my normal work night of checking motel guests in and doing laundry.  I feel like I am dreaming, going through one dream scenario to a completely unrelated one, without a formal ending to the last dream or a proper introduction to the next one, just taken and placed and expected to keep walking and moving into the next scene as myself but I’m outside of myself, hoping for sleep and a red rose on a table.