Scout's Library Preview!

110 Here are a few of the books from the Scout's Desert Library. They all relate to the question of living outside of "society?" Can this be acheived by literally travelling to the wilderness, like Everett Ruess who wandered the deserts of Utah and disappeared at age 20? Or by creating structures and living situations based on the idea of the health of the whole community, putting people first, as proposed in A Pattern Language? Or by considering the function of gift economies as opposed to capitalistic, monetary exchanges, as discussed in The Gift? Or creating a simple life of contemplation and "bread labor," like Helen and Scott Nearing did in the woods of Vermont and wrote about in The Good Life? An expanding library with texts that relate to the desert and questions of belonging in this world can be found in the Scout's HQ. I am deeply interested in how we find connection, and when we choose to be alone and am planning on creating a reading and talking series to discuss some of the ideas of these authors and more, and would love suggestions on other desert  related texts for the library!