Thursday, Oct. 17: Gallup, New Mexico



Breakfast at Arcosanti was quick:  coffee, hard boiled eggs, Brewer’s yeast, and Brad and Aurora trying to talk me and AZ out of going to the animal shelter.  But, AZ figured out how to make it to the animal shelter in Alburquerque and still make it in time to make the HDTS events on Friday, and still get a dog, possibly two dogs. 

Catharine Davis, Jennifer Reifsneider, Nancy Voegeli-Curran, and Matthew Winkler were around passing out their "CDTS:  Collaboratively Determined Telluric Sites" mapbooks which provide an opportunity for HDTS 2013 visitors to write about and share their experiences in the next Constellation Lab publication.


After breakfast, we drove to the Petrified Forrest and saw Adam Marnie and Ed Steck read from their poetry collaboration “The Rose.”  It was amazing to watch the non-HDTS visitors quietly make their way through the crowd of hipsters, who were listening intently to super deconstructed poetry discussing the existence of a rose on a table and simulacra, just so they could get to the binoculars that would allow them to see the native American petroglyphs that they had drove their sightseeing RV’s across the country just to see.  This blending of American vacationing and existential poetry is exactly what HDTS strives to facilitate, our hard fought American right to create art in public, without being arrested most of the time!  Marnie and Steck took turns reading from their written collaboration.  Marnie giving each word its own weight and time, slam poetry style, and Steck with a more matter of fact/ narrative style, made the existence of the rose on the table truly impossible to prove as much as our own existence.  But luckily, by being surrounded by the vastness and awe inspiring landscape of the Petrified Forest, our non-existence seemed harder to believe, thank God, or else, I might have just jumped over the railway into the abyss of nothingness.  We bought one of “The Rose” books for the HDTS archive and made our way to Gallup.


384 Concurrently, the GWC, Investigators Daniel J Glendening, Michael Welsh, and Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, are stationed in Turkey Springs, AZ, in the exact place where the alien abduction movie "Fire In the Sky", one of my favorite slumber party horror movies, was said to have taken place.  I wasn't able to go due to the fear of not being able to get there before nightfall/alien abduction, but Tyler and his HDTS 2013 documentary crew went to accompany the GWC Investigators.  I gave the documentary crew a bottle of whiskey to drink with the GWC boys and if all goes to plan, the GWC crew will make contact with extraterrestrials and this will become the last known photo taken of them before their disappearance.

Back in Gallup, we arrived at the El Rancho Hotel to see Pilar Conde’s piece “Captured in the West.”  El Rancho hotel boasts that it has hosted many an old timey movie star.  At their restaurant Brad, Andrea, and I all ordered the Ricardo Montalban combination plate, that included a Southwestern fair of white flour enchilada, taco, rice, and beans.  Amazing.  Pilar Conde took Polaroid photos of everyone who wanted one, while everyone mingled over Margaritas.  Aurora took a photo with Otto, Brad and Brook’s chubby pug dog, in front of a fireplace, which she plans to use for her Facebook profile photo.  Pilar took a photo of me next to Native American portraits trying to do my best Native American impression, oh racist drunk me. 


Souvenir Collab also struck again with multi-faceted crystals hung on rainbow string.  We also found out that the duo just got engaged in Arcosanti the night before!  HDTS’ first engagement!  Congratulations Julia and Matt Barbee-Suplee!!!   

Went to bed early, because bright and early the next day, AZ and I are to leave for the animal shelter in Albuquerque.