The void?



Come by the HQ next Tuesday at 5:30pm for a casual conversation about space in the desert, and how it affects our brains and senses. We will also touch on Manifest Destiny and Homesteading: building on empty space.....

“The ground at our feet and the distant mountains are all that we see. Nowhere is there a familiar tree or building against which we can measure ourselves. The cognitive dissonance is severe. We don’t know where we are. Traditional wisdom about being lost in the wilderness—follow water downstream until you reach civilization—does not often work here. Follow convention and you are likely to end up stranded in the middle of an alkali flat.." - From The Void, The Grid, The Sign, by William L. Fox

Cold soup will be provided, please bring something from a space you know.

Margot Ittleson
September 4, 2012 - 3:07pm

Enjoyed meeting Scout Katie. Would like to connect with Tracy and show our space PPOP in Wonder Valley to them.