wall street revisited



Sift through tiny river rocks, hit the lode, be robustly individual, move west, be free, tap the resources of nature. Prospectors headed to this desert for years, setting up over 700 mines inside Joshua Tree Park alone! (not a park until 1994) There was a second gold rush during the great depression, when the unemployment rate in this country was 25%. One such entrepenerial endeavor was the ore crushing mill of William Keys, of Keys Ranch fame. Wall Street Mill, perhaps named after the street where the Great Depression began on October 29, 1929, on black tuesday, stands proudly against the rolling piles of giant pinkish granite. I walked to the Wall Street Mill last weekend, down a dusty trail that many a horse had surely travelled, past green and blue pickup trucks from the 40s, left to be preserved by the desert sun and dryness . 

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