Frequently Asked Questions:

We hear that that there has been a restructuring at HDTS. Can you tell me what is going on with the new program?

After seven years we decided to take some time off to examine both the successes and failures of our undertaking, and have now emerged with a new headquarters and a new series of programming. If there is one thing that we have learned so far, it is that sometimes just being here brings up so many issues to think about, that when there is a rush to “produce’ it can actually hamper one’s ability to have larger experience or to truly process the place.

In light of this we will now generate a new program based on the process of “absorption and assimilation” with the ultimate goal to create a “test site” where artists, organizers and audience alike will explore the role art plays in everyday life and in the world at large.

Special Guest Visitors:
Each year High Desert Test Sites will invite four guests ranging from curators, writers, thinkers, artists, to all around “doers” who we admire and feel embody similar interests and ambitions as those represented by the HDTS mission. These are people who we feel we will learn from, and who we want to engage with in dialog that will ultimately further and advance our understandings of the social roles of contemporary art, both in day to day living, and in intimate communities spread throughout the landscape outside of urban cultural centers. Each guest will be asked to facilitate this idea exchange by either a casual talk at the HDTS headquarters in downtown Joshua Tree, or a short text that we can present to the public as part of our archives.

Almost Yearly Events
Each year one of the HDTS guests will be invited to curate an event including up to 6 artists. The events are intended for the both the local community and for a visiting audience and will last for a two-day weekend. There are many forms that the events can take – and many different kinds of artists who can be included. The organizers will have access to all proposals sent into HDTS, and they can also supplement this list with artists they would like to personally invite.

The New Everyday Life: Lessons in Living
Our HDTS Headqarters will play host to A series of lectures and workshops The New Everyday Life.

Archive for Past Projects and Future Proposals
Over the last year we have begun work on an archive of all former projects this archive as well as our incoming proposals for new desert projects will be open for viewing at the Headquarters

Driving Maps
Get out and see the sites! Driving maps to all current HDTS projects and sites will be available at the Headquarters.



Ok. So I'm excited about the next HDTS. What should I bring with me to the desert?

You are awesome. We love your enthusiasm. Bring plenty of drinking water and snacks. Bring sunscreen and a wacky wide-brimmed hat for extra protection in the bright sun. Bring a sweater or jacket, as it can get chilly at night. Bring lots of cash.

* Please remember this is a fragile desert environment. Leave no trace! a trash bag and be prepared to haul out everything that you haul in



I missed the last event. Is there anything still up to see?
Due to the extreme desert conditions and vandalism not all sites are available for permanent viewing.

If you drive out between events there are a few of projects on the Gamma Gulch Site, one or two projects on the other parcels (check site descriptions) and of course we always highly recommend Noah Purrifoy’s outdoor museum, the Integratron and the amazing National Park. Check out our "Links" page for more cool local attractions.



How can I get involved in the next HDTS?
We are always in need of volunteers to help run the Headquarters, prepare sites, remove/restore vandalized works, or assist artists on a one on one basis. If you are available to workand want to help out please contact us.



Do you take proposals for HDTS projects?
We are taking submissions for projects on an ongoing basis which will be kept on file at the HDTS Headquarters. Please send proposals as digital PDFs only to The proposals will be archived, made available to our inquisitve visitors, and reviewed by our curators prior to each event.



Where can I stay in the area during the event?
There are a variety of lodging options in the area, ranging from rustic to fancy. A list of accomodations is posted on our "Directions" page.

You are also welcome to camp in the Joshua Tree National Monument. In additon to the hotels, motels, and cabins on our directions page, 29 Palms also has a Motel 6, a Best Western, and a Holiday Inn.



How do I contact a High Desert Test Sites represetative?
You can email us at - everyone involved in HDTS does so on a part time voluntary basis and our lives have been rather busy lately. Please don't take it personalllyif it takes a while for someone to respond to your email. (If the issue is urgent you might want to track down one of the organizers in person.)