kip's desert book club
desert town by ramona stewart
may 7, 2018 at the glass outhouse

The 1946 novel Desert Town by Ramona Stewart has brothels, car chases, gangsters, cowboys, crooked cops, a love struck teenage girl and tons of thinly veiled homosexuality. What more could you ask for? Well it was also made into the film noir movie Desert Fury, shot in Technicolor, with a very young Burt Lancaster in 1947! Come join us at the Glass Outhouse on Monday, May 7th at 7:00pm where we will discuss the book and watch the movie outdoors when it gets dark enough. There seem to be quite a few used copies floating around online. I think the cover art on my Pocket Book is fantastic.

the insanity principle workshops
taught by artist linda carmella sibio
april 14, 2018 at copper mountain mesa community center

Photo by Jeremy Gladen

Join us for the next Insanity Principle Workshop taught by painter and performance artist Linda Carmella Sibio! The workshops include a variety of multilayered psychological techniques, developed by Sibio, tapping into memory, play, and personal narrative as a source for art making. Workshops include experimental writing, performance, and visual art exercises.

kip's desert book club
mirage: the false promise of desert agriculture by russell clemings
april 2, 2018 at mother house

Laurence and John Alexis have once again graciously offered to host our Desert Book Club. They have picked some fantastic books for us the last 3 years, and this month they are letting me choose the book, Mirage by Russell Clemings, subtitled: The False Promise of Desert Agriculture. I have been aware of this book for quite a while now, and am eager to read it and hear what others are thinking about this important topic.