kip's desert book club
in god's trailer park by susan lang
october 1, 2018 at the palms in wonder valley

I have been looking forward to featuring the latest book by Susan Lang, In God's Trailer Park, for quite a while now. If you are a fan of her other novels, you won't be disappointed. You know it's going to be good if Mary Sibley likes it!
Kip's Desert book club
The Fellowship by Roger Friedland and Harold Zellman
September 3, 2018 in Joshua Tree


Grab your best silk lined cape and Malacca cane because at 7 pm on September 3rd, we will be meeting at Andrea's house to discuss The Fellowship by Roger Friedland and Harold Zellman. It's the untold story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin fellowship. Don't let the heft of this volume discourage you. It's chock-full of pictures and there's scandal on just about every page, so it reads rather quickly. If you run short on reading time, skip to page 335 where the adventure in the desert begins. 
Kip's Desert Book Club
relicts of a beautiful sea by christopher norment
august 6, 2018 in 29 palms

I am really excited to announce the book Relicts of a Beautiful Sea by Christopher Norment for the August 6th Desert Book Club meeting at 7:00 pm. Unlike most environmental books, filled with doom and gloom, this book is filled with hope and positive examples. It also is unique in that it describes our desert in terms of geologic time, which I found quite enlightening. Even if the latin animal names and the governmental topics slow you down, make sure you make it to the end to receive an inspirational message from Christopher to all of us. 
Kip's desert book club
desert solitaire by edward abbey
july 2, 2018 in joshua tree

This year the book Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey is celebrating its 50th year of publication. Kat and Mitch Miller have been kind enough to invite the Desert Book Club to come to their house at 7:00 on July 2nd and honor this classic piece of desert literature. We will be sitting on the flagstone patio, under the misters, so remember to bring a folding chair if you have one handy.  The location is 2 houses south of Tonelise's place at 1517 McGarry. If driving from down town JT, turn north on Sunburst from highway 62, right on Golden, Left on Border and look for my big white Book Club sign and turn left on Sonora. About one mile later, look for another white sign at McGarry and turn right, I'll have another sign out in front of the house.