Just two weeks left!
HDTS 2013 Fundraiser

(Edited by Eden Solas)

Many THANKS to everyone who has already donated to our HDTS 2013 fundraiser! We are working hard to raise money for an incredible week-long journey from Joshua Tree to Albuquerque that will include over 60 projects sited along a network of diverse desert locations in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

We have just a few days left to raise almost $8,000, so we need your help now more than ever!  Donate today and receive one of our awesome donor perks!

We look forward to seeing you all in October for HDTS 2013

Our first fundraiser ever!

We're excited to announce that we've just launched a USA Projects fundraising page for our big event this October - HDTS 2013!  As you may have heard, we're hitting the road for a week-long adventure showcasing 60 impressive projects along the Southwest roads and highways between Joshua Tree and Albuquerque!  This is our first fundraiser ever, and it will be our sole source of funding for HDTS 2013.  As you can imagine, the costs of hosting such an ambitious project are wildly higher then we had originally anticipated., but we are so excited about the event and all of the amazing artists and their projects. We are totally committed to raising the amount needed to pull this off with style and finesse.

So in order to make this happen we really really need your help.  High Desert Test Sites is a labor of love, and for years was completely self-funded and made possible by an extraordinary team of dedicated volunteers.  However we are at the brink of what our resources will permit.  Through this fundraising campaign we hope to raise $20,000 to support the HDTS 2013 event - including things like catalogs, site maps, publicity, and event fees - and another $30,000 to support the artists and their projects.  Every single dollar that we raise beyond our administrative costs will go directly to the artists, and will be split evenly between their projects.  There are so many exciting and deeply committed artists involved in HDTS 2013, and even being able to subsidize basic expenses such as travel and lodging will be a huge help!

We have until September 15 to reach our minimum goal of $20,000 and get funded, but we hope to surpass that amount in order to be able to support the artists and their projects.  Your donation is totally tax-deductible and any amount will make a huge difference.  Please donate to High Desert Test Sites and help us continue doing what we love to do!

Visit our USA Projects Fundraising page, and learn more about the projects and artists involved!

We did it!

292 Andrea Zittel, Brad Hudson Thomas, Eden, Aurora Tang, and Brooks Hudson Thomas at the Palms

We did it!  We are so excited to announce that High Desert Test Sites is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This development has been a long time coming, and a testament to Aurora’s perseverance and hard work over the last two years, as she literally did all of the filing and paperwork herself.  (Thank you Aurora!)

HDTS was first conceived of eleven years ago as an experimental forum for merging contemporary art with life at large. Since 2002, we have hosted more than 200 artists, architects, designers, desert doers, and other inspirational figures. The HDTS HQ in downtown Joshua Tree opened in 2010 and offers info and driving maps to our local sites, a desert research library, project archives, workshops, and the HDTS Life Enhancement Shop. Recently we also added the HDTS Scout residence program, and In October we are hosting HDTS 2013, our biggest event ever - with more than 60 projects along over 700 miles of desert roads, from Joshua Tree to Albuquerque. Stay tuned for that!

While High Desert Test Sites is a labor of love, that for years has been self-funded and made possible by a team of dedicated volunteers, we are at the brink of what our resources will permit and need help in order to grow and evolve. We are seeking to gain more of an organizational structure, without losing the renegade spirit and ideals on which HDTS was founded (don’t worry, we aren’t going "institutional.")  There are many exciting challenges ahead, and we hope you will join us through this transition. Please consider donating to HDTS - Now that you can write-off your donations it’s a win-win situation - and our team has a list of over 161 great reasons that we need your support.    Any amount, no matter how small, will make a difference.

Thank you so much!

Mojave Weather Diaries 4
kate mccabe
july 13, 2013


The high desert’s very own Kate McCabe presents her latest comic, Mojave Weather Diaries 4!  Join us Saturday, July 13, at 7:00 pm for a reading of this brand new book in the Starlight Courtyard behind the HDTS HQ, followed by a screening of a couple of Kate's short films.

In 2009, Kate started documenting her daily weather dealings in the California desert where she lives near the rock-n-roll heaven known as Joshua Tree. Inspired by original female homesteaders’ autobiographical writings, sailors’ logs, the video diaries of George Kuchar and Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac”, the Mojave Weather Diaries are the desert life of a modern city kid recorded in Fahrenheit and summed up in make out sessions.

July 13, 2013, 7:00 pm
High Desert Test Sites HQ*
Joshua Tree, California