high desert test kitchen
november ingredient: mormon tea
november 21, 2016


One of the most ubiquitous plants in this region, you've probably run into this prehistoric survivor, which might be mistaken for the skeleton of a shrub that's lost its leaves. In the spring and summer, this gymnosperm will produce bright yellow-green flowers and teeny dark cones at the base of each nodule. There are seven species that grow in California, and all can be used in the same manner, most commonly steeped as tea.

Kip's Desert Book Club
Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles by Diana Lindsay
November 7, 2016

Millions of readers were captivated by the monthly writings of Marshal South in Desert Magazine. Once you get a copy of Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles, you will be thanking Diana Lindsay for combining his work with her own research and input from his children to make this incredible book. As an added bonus, we will have director, John McDonald, joining us for a screening of his riveting documentary about the family entitled: The Ghost Mountain Experiment. It is a powerful and entertaining work that adds many layers of depth to this amazing story. 

high desert test kitchen
october ingredient: california buckwheat
organized by sarah witt

Last month’s first HDTK meeting was a delicious success! We shared a sampling of at least twelve different mesquite-inspired dishes, from flavored butter to baked goods, stews, essenced water, and meat-falling-off-the-bone ribs. We're looking forward to next month's ingredient, California Buckwheat! Join us on October 17th at 7pm at the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center to share a morsel of your experimentation and have your mind blown by the variety of the ingredient's uses.

High Desert Test Kitchen
A new monthly program!
organized by Sarah Witt

Organized by artist Sarah Witt, High Desert Test Kitchen (HDTK) is a new monthly dinner gathering in which participants bring a dish to share, made with or inspired by ingredients inhabiting this span of the American desert. The Mojave projects such a romanticized yet barren image, but underneath are old and rarely utilized traditions. Exploring this landscape from a culinary perspective, HDTK will naturally intersect with foraging practices, Native American traditions, and hopefully challenge our taste buds too!