the insanity principle
workshops with linda carmella sibio
a new monthly program!

HDTS is excited to announce THE INSANITY PRINCIPLE - a series of workshops by Linda Carmella Sibio

These two hour workshops will focus on performance, writing, and contemporary art through a series of techniques designed by Sibio that include fragmentation, interrupters, psychological opposites, and the psychological model as a method of acting. Many of these methods are part of a manuscript by Sibio called "Reflections in a Broken Mirror," which delves into her own personal innovative approaches to art-making. Writing techniques include the cut up method, multiple story lines, pattern and rhythm as methods of structure, and performance approached as a scultural tool as well as through drawings and painting.

hdts 2017
curated by aram moshayedi and sohrab mohebbi
october 21-22, 2017

Since 2002, High Desert Test Sites has organized a semi-annual series of roving events that bring together local, domestic, and international artists whose contributions have responded to Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, and the surrounding areas. The nature of these works have been for the most part ephemeral, yet even those projects imagined with more solidity and structure have had trouble enduring the elements. For the most part, the history of High Desert Test Sites is preserved in the memory of the participants and the viewers of each edition rather than the landscape.
kip's desert book club
gold fame citrus by claire vaye watkins
october 2, 2017 at the palms

In her novel Gold Fame Citrus, Claire Vaye Watkins uses her writing skills to spin a possible future for California after our precious water supplies dry up. It is an adventure well worth taking, where the ever-growing Mojave desert becomes one of the main characters. If you happen to be allergic to post-apocalyptic novels, give this one a chance, it has hope and a big heart at its core.