HDTS: Epicenter - Thanks!

586 Brainchild 3 by Kathleen Johnson & Mark So, Mars Desert Research Station; Image: Bill Morrison, consolidatedanomaly.org

This weekend-long event brought together folks from near and far (from at least 14 US states and 6 countries!) for a long weekend of programs and projects in and around the spectacular landscape and community of Green River in Southern Utah.  

We'll be sharing more images and recaps from the big event in the coming days, but in the meantime here are some images to give you a glimpse of the weekend.  Also, please let us know if you have any stories, photos, videos, or other documentation or personal accounts from the event that you would like to contribute to the HDTS Archive!

HDTS: Epicenter was the culmination of a lot of hard work by many talented and generous individuals who we are fortunate to call our collaborators, colleagues, and friends.  

Thank you to all the amazing individuals who helped make this year's event possible:

Our featured artists: Steve Badgett, Cabin-Time (Geoffrey Holstad, Ryan Greaves, Mary Rothlisberger, Sarah Darnell, Carson Davis Brown & Nick Stockton), Alyse Emdur & Michael Parker, Butchy Fuego and the Seeing Trails DFA (Eugene Ahn, Chase Bingham, Jeremiah Chiu, Greg Colebourn, Jonah Fernandez Olson, Butchy Fuego & George Jensen), Kathleen Johnson & Mark So (with Dominique Cox, Julie Brody, Kate Brown, Mari Garrett & Gabie Strong), Alison Kinney, Daniel Nickerson, Cyrus Smith & Matt Takiff, Nicole Lavelle, Charlie Macquarie, Allan McCollum, Jordan Topiel Paul & J. Gordon Faylor, Ephraim Puusemp, Kiersten Puusemp & Raivo Puusemp, and Bennett Williamson.

Our co-organizers at Epicenter: Bryan Brooks, Cyrus Smith, Maria Sykes, Mary Rothlisberger, Jack Forinash, Chris Lezama, Ryann Savino, Katie Anderson, and Armando Rios.

Our designers: Sarah Baugh, Taryn Cowart, and Nicole Lavelle.

We are grateful to the following foundations for their support of HDTS: Epicenter: Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, National Endowment for the Arts (Art Works-Design), Utah Division of Arts and Museums, Utah’s Emery County Travel Board, and the Sorenson Legacy Foundation. 

And a very special thanks to: Andrea Bacigalupo, Adam Bateman, Claire Bennett, Paulina Berczynski, Conae Black, Carson Brown, Cari Carmean, Kenneth Carpenter, Jo Anne Chandler, Alison Jean Cole, Matthew Dannevik, Bob Dornberger, Nancy Dunham, Dunham Melons, Luke Forsyth, ForYourArt, Leah Gallant, Adam Geremia, Marisa Goedhart, Green River Archives, Green River Conoco, Green River Thrift Store, Holiday River Expeditions, KCHUNG, The King Family, Bernard Leibov, Lloyd Logan, Jason Manley and the Weber State University sculpture program, The Mars Society, Miles Mattison, Jason Metcalf, Bill Morrison, Joelle Neuenschwander and Antonia, PACT, Justin Queen, Ray's Tavern, Rob Ray, Robbers Roost Motel, Shannon Rupert, Kathy Ryan, Julia Schenck, Shady Acres Gas Station, The Thaun Family, Sophie Trauberman, USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum, Hannah Vainstein, and Lisa Ward.

HDTS is nothing without our dedicated and resourceful artists, volunteers, supporters, collaborators, attendees, and friends – thank you!

Art-Making Demystified
Organized by Kristy Campbell
October 17–18, 2015


Demonstrations make richer art experiences by delivering information through informal and formal presentations.  Join us for a selection of hands-on-art-making demonstrations by local contemporary artists working in varied media and subjects.  A 'zine" publication will be created during thie event and made available at the HDTS HQ at Sky Village Swap Meet.  Featured artists and presenters include:

Zaina Alwan - Surprise! The bag of studied indifference. 

Bob Dornberger Cash For Art Supplies - participants receive a small amount of cash to purchase swap meet items that will be incorporated into an assemblage sculpture

Kristy Campbell - Wander the swap meet and find a vintage photograph. Collaborate with photographer Kristy Campbell and learn to create a found photo story. 

Taylor Compton - Taylor presents a study on high desert natural dyes. 

Isobel  Gillespie (Saturday only) - Join Mojave Moon Apothecary to create your own herbal bundle and experience the physical and energetic properties of plants. 

Jennifer Kane - Handle with Care - Participants are invited to choose an item from a box of antique objects salvaged from a stranger's life and share a memory or story that the object inspires or provokes, while Jennifer draws the objects using pen and ink and records the stories.

Kiki Seror - Wondervision/Teleaction - This social video laboratory/demonstration/performance explores the blurring boundaries between public space and private life, the visible and invisible and the observer and the observed.  Integrating video simulation and real-time broadcasting software to bypass an online interface, the artist invites the public to participate in a journey of being watched and surveilling strangers on Chatroulette–probing concerns regarding community and individual privacy and the issues surrounding public spaces that involve watching and being watched.

Chris Unck & Gabrielle Evaro - Learn about making with silver and leather–mold, assemble, lace and stitch.

Adriana Yugovich - After a morning meditation, some exploratory shopping, and perhaps a scavenger hunt, join Adriana for a day of free-form zine-making. What's a zine? You'll find out.

Plus, music by Eliot Eidelman, Fred, Nigel Roman, and more! 

October 17–18, 2015, 8AM - 1PM
HDTS HQ at Sky Village Swap Meet
7028 Theatre Road
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

Art-Making Demystified is organized by Kristy Campbell.  This project is supported in part by a grant from James Irvine Foundation - Arts Regranting Program/Inland Empire at The Community Foundation, Strengthening Inland Southern California through Philanthropy.  Special thanks Zena Bender, Bob & Elizabeth Carr, and Sky Village Swap Meet.

HDTS: Epicenter Begins this Friday!
October 9–12, 2015
driving map, schedule, and travel tips


The HDTS: Epicenter event is imminent!  Here is some important last-minute information:


Here it is!  CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the event map and schedule.  Print out a copy to take with you, or pick one up at Epicenter (site 5, 180 S Broadway in Green River, 435-564-3330), which will be our HDTS: Epicenter HQ during the event. 

There are more sites than you may be able to see, so pick and choose, take your time, and obey speed limits. Do not drive drunk or when drowsy!

Many events will require driving on graded dirt roads. Consider carpooling in cars with high-clearance and 4x4. In the event of heavy rains, conditions will become much more treacherous. Creek bed washes and impassable roads may be a factor for Swasey’s Beach, Stone House, The Bunker, Wild-Horse Butte, Black Dragon Canyon, and the Mars Desert Research Station locations. Watch the weather and exercise caution.

If the road appears soft rather than packed, either avoid it or keep your vehicle moving over the soft spot at a good speed. If you do get stuck in the sand or mud, do not gun your car - that will only dig you in further. Place old carpet or car floor mats under your tires and try to back out slowly. Another trick is to let some air out of your tires. If all else fails call a tow truck: Green River Towing: (435) 820-0941 or Interstate Towing Service: (435) 564-3213.

Some sites require a short hike in–comfortable and sturdy footwear is recommended!  Bring your own camp chair or blanket if you would like seating at any of the sites/performances.

Do not rely on your cell phone–cellular service can be spotty and GPS address mapping can be misleading in and around Green River.  We recommend carrying a printed map or road atlas in your car.


Sun: While the desert can be cool in the fall, direct sun and low humidity can have severe effects. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a shade hat.

Wind: Southern Utah can get quite gusty in the fall, especially in the early afternoons. Be sure to tie-down your tent and other gear before leaving your camp.

Flash Floods: Flash floods can occur during rainstorms any time of the year. These unpredictable events can drastically change hiking conditions and can quickly become life-threatening. If a storm develops and a flash flood situation is created, get to the highest and safest point possible and steer clear of canyons.

Cryptobiotic Soil: Biological soil crust is a living groundcover that forms the foundation of high desert plant life in the surrounding area. This knobby, black crust is dominated by cyanobacteria, but also includes lichens, mosses, green algae, microfungi, and bacteria. Unfortunately, many human activities negatively affect the presence and health of soil crusts. Please walk on trails, on rock, or in sandy washes (where water flows when it rains), and keep all vehicles and bikes on designated roads.


The HDTS: Epicenter HQ will have lots of things for sale, including the new HDTS: Epicenter publication ($5), HDTS & Epicenter gear, and a Swap Meet featuring handmade goods and wares from some of our favorite artists and friends.  Friday night's Welcome Potluck at Epicenter has a suggested donation of $8/person, or bring a dish to share.   

If you’re heading on the road, it’s always good to carry some emergency cash, too, just in case.  Many places accept cash only!  There are a few ATMs (with fees) in town, but there are no major banks and no "cash back" options in Green River.



Please help HDTS and Epicenter remain a positive force!  Respect private (and public) property and the environment around you, be ready to help fellow travelers, and above all, LEAVE NO TRACE in this delicate ecology.

HDTS: Epicenter is a labor of love, and is not possible without the dedication of our artists, our awesome volunteer force, and the support of the local community.  We need you to help maintain goodwill between Epicenter, HDTS, and the city of Green River, so be cool, be respectful, spend money at local businesses, and don’t hesitate to jump in and help out if you see someone who needs a hand. Green River is a small town and your presence can be a positive or a negative force. Be polite and respectful to community members as you enjoy HDTS: Epicenter.


If you're looking for a place to stay or a route to take, here are some suggestions.

Still looking for a ride or have one to offer?  Check out the HDTS: Epicenter Rideshare.

To learn more about this event, visit the main HDTS: Epicenter event page.

HDTS: Epicenter
October 9–12, 2015


HDTS: Epicenter
launches in just one month!

We’re thrilled to share our general event itinerary with you, so you can begin to plan for your trip!  Here’s the basic rundown on how HDTS: Epicenter will work:

HDTS: Epicenter will take place over the long weekend of October 9–12, 2015 (“Columbus Day”/"Indigenous People's Day" weekend), in several sites in and around Green River, Utah.  Epicenter, located in the heart of Green River, will be your HDTS: Epicenter HQ–where you can pick up driving maps, catalogues, and meet friendly HDTS: Epicenter correspondents.  The sprawling network of project sites and suggested points of interest will all be located within 65 miles from Epicenter in Green River.

This is an incredibly diverse and scenic landscape, and there will be a lot to see–more than you might realistically be able to check out, so you may have to pick and choose in some instances.  Some projects will be on view throughout the entire long weekend, while others will have scheduled hours (full schedule of events and driving map now available for download, or at Epicenter during the event).  A few projects will have limited capacity, and will require advanced RSVP (listed below).  All programs are free and open to the public.

Below is a preliminary event itinerary to help you plan your trip.  Our full driving map, projects, and schedule of events will be released at the beginning of October  join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss any important updates!  More information on HDTS: Epicenter, including a list of participating artists.  

Full driving map and schedule of events now available! 

Friday, October 9, 2015
Various projects and scheduled programming 9 am – 5 pm
Nighttime program: Welcome! (Green River)

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Various projects and scheduled programming 9 am – 5 pm
Nighttime program option 1: party program (secret site near Green River, location TBA)
Nighttime program option 2: Cabin-Time: Sleepout (overnight campout program located an hour's drive south of Green River - advanced reservations required registration full, email to be placed on wait list

Sunday, October 11, 2015
Various projects and scheduled programming 9 am – 5 pm

Monday, October 12, 2015
Various projects and scheduled programming 9 am – 12 noon

Where to Stay

The Green River area has plentiful camping and motel options.  Here are a few suggested spots.  Visit Destination Green River! for more.

  • Robber’s Roost Motel - affordable rooms in Green River, near Epicenter (please call for availability 435-564-3452)
  • River Terrace - hotel right along the river
  • Holiday Inn - comfortable accommodations in Green River
  • Swasey’s Beach - beautiful BLM campsites along the river with some vault toilets (fee of around $10 a night for each campsite), as well as plenty of undeveloped BLM land available for dispersed camping.  (Follow BLM camping policy for dispersed camping on undeveloped BLM land/BLM land without designated campsites.)
  • Crystal Geyser - free primitive camping (no facilities)
  • Green River State Park - campsites in the middle of town, with RV hookups and ammenities
  • Goblin Valley State Park - well-appointed campsites in picturesque, otherworldly red rocks (about 1 hour’s drive south of Green River)

How to Get There

Green River is located in southeastern Utah, and is easily accessible by car or rail (though once you are in Green River, a car will be necessary to travel to and from HDTS: Epicenter project sites).  There are lots of ways to get there, with many interesting sights to see along the way.  Here are just a few ways to get to Epicenter:

By car:

From Joshua Tree
Quickest Route: I-15 N to I-70 E (600 miles, goes through/near the Mojave, Zion)
Scenic Route:  I-15 N to US 20 E to US 89 S to US 12 E to US 24 E to I-70 E (650 miles, goes through/near the Mojave, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Grand Escalante, Goblin Valley)

From Los Angeles
Quickest Route: I-15 N to I-70 E (675 miles, goes through/near the Mojave, Zion)
Scenic Route: I-15 N to US 20 E to US 89 S to US 12 E to US 24 E to I-70 E (700 miles, goes through/near the Mojave, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Grand Escalante, Goblin Valley)

From Salt Lake City 
I-15 S to 6 E to 191 S to 70 E (180 miles, goes through Price Canyon)

From Denver
I-70 W (345 miles, goes through the Rockies)

From Phoenix
Quickest Route: I-17 N to US-89 N to US-160 E to 191-N to I-70 W (520 miles: goes through/near Canyonlands, Arches)
Alternate Route: I-17 N to US-89 N to US-163 N to US-261-N to US-95 N to US-24 E to I-70 E (535 miles: goes through/near Natural Bridges, Lake Powell)

By rail:  The Amtrak: Green River station is conveniently located right across from the Epicenter, and is served by the California Zephyr train.

By plane:  The closest airport is the Grand Junction Regional Airport in Grand Junction, Colorado, 100 miles east of Green River along I-70, though flight options are limited.  Salt Lake City International Airport is the nearest international airport (180 miles away by car), with many flights coming in and out.

Looking for a ride, or have one to offer?  Let fellow HDTS: Epicenter travelers know!

Kip's Desert Book Club
Edna in the Desert - Maddy Lederman
october 5, 2015


Let's celebrate the first anniversary of Kip's Desert Book Club by reading Edna in the Desert, by Maddy Lederman. Set in the Wonder Valley/29 Palms area, this book answers the question as to what would happen if a teenage girl were transplanted from the suburbs to a strange desert environment–a place where her electronic devices fail to operate!

The Sibleys have once again graciously offered to open up The Palms road house on their night off, for us to meet where it all started, one year ago. To get to the Palms, take Highway 62 to downtown 29 Palms and go north on Adobe Road. Turn right on Amboy Road and drive about 12 miles into the heart of Wonder Valley, and the Palms will be on your right at 83131 Amboy Road.

Remember to bring a flashlight so you can walk across the highway to the Sibleys' Wonderland Bookstore, where every book is a desert book!

Monday, October 5, 2015, 7 pm
The Palms Restaurant and Saloon
83131 Amboy Road
Wonder Valley, CA
(see driving directions above)

This is the thirteenth meeting of Kip's Desert Book Club.
See Book Club homepage for more information on this monthly gathering