Announcing the 2015-16 Postcard Series

We are excited to announce the final selection for the 2015-16 HDTS Postcard Series! There were so many great submissions, thank you to everyone who sent in an image. It was difficult to narrow it down to only 12 but we got there. This year our featured artists include:

Julia Barbee, Jae Choi, Karina Faulstich, Ken Lee, Raul J Mendez, Dylan Palmer, Tyler Quinn, TJ Tambellini, Cori Williams, Nick Williams, and Joe Zaldivar

All proceeds from sales of the postcards support future HDTS projects and programming. They can be ordered from our online shop or purchased at the HDTS HQ at the Sky Village Swap Meet in Yucca Valley: Saturday 9 am–1 pm and Sunday 9 am–12 pm. Postcards are also available locally at bkb ceramics and The End. Stay tuned on Instagram @highdeserttestsites to hear where they will be carried in LA so you can make sure to get them in time to stuff in a stocking!

This year's postcard images...

596 Julia Barbee

597 Jae Choi

598 Karina Faulstich

Ken Lee, Sermon on the Mount

602 Raul J Mendez

603 Dylan Palmer, Inclusion

604 Tyler Quinn

605 TJ Tambellini

606 Cori Williams

607 Cori Williams

609 Nick Williams

610 Joe Zaldivar, Sky Village Swap Meet entrance sign at Old Woman Springs Road (Hwy. 247) Yucca Valley, California