HDTS 2013 - thank you!!!

390 Courtney Prokopas & Kera MacKenzie, Wonder Machine, Belen, NM (Photo: Courtney Prokolas & Kera MacKenzie)

Phew!  It's been three weeks since HDTS 2013 came to a close in Albuquerque, and we're still processing everything that was experienced during the epic week-long, three-state event.  We'll be sharing more about the event in the coming weeks (please let us know if you have any stories, photos, videos, or other personal accounts from the event that you would like to contribute to the effort!), but for now we'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event possible--and there are a lot of you!  HDTS 2013 was a big and ambitious experiment for us this year, and we couldn't have pulled it off without our dedicated artists, donors, partnering venues, volunteers, attendees, and friends.

OUR ARTISTS–the most resourceful, awesome, can-do participants ever, who realized hugely ambitious projects with very little outside support or resources: Alisha Adams, Art Queen, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Ellen Babcock & Andrea Polli, Katie Bachler, Julia Barbee & Matt Suplee, Roxanne Bartlet & Marie Lorenz, Michael Bisbee, Kurt Brethauer, Mattias Cantzler, CDTS, Pilar Conde, dark: 30, Angela de la Agua, Brooks Dierdorff, Lea Donnan, Bob Dornberger & Jim Piatt, Jim Drain, Elsewhere (Etc. Collective), Mark X Farina, Cayetano Ferrer, Lars Fisk, Maya Gurantz, GWC Investigators, Joseph Herring, Bettina Hubby, Michael Iauch, Margot Ittleson, KB Jones & Myriam Tapp, Saskia Jorda & Victor Sidy, Chris Kallmyer, Harald Kanz, Alex Kenefick & Julianna Parr, Debbie Long, Rose Mackey & Erin Olivia Weber, Adam Marnie & Ed Steck, Scott Oliver, Corrina Peipon & Lucy Raven, Courtney Prokopas & Kera MacKenzie, Katie Shook, Pascual Sisto & Joey Jensen, Lisa Sitko, Catharine Stebbins, Jesse Sugarmann, Julie Tolentino & Stosh Fila/Pigpen, Tracy Tynan, Kartz Ucci with Abby Donovan & Tom Hughes, Vecinos Artist Collective, Alex Webb/Catherine Harris/Nina Dubois, Olav Westphalen, Landon Wiggs, and Bennett Williamson

Elizabeth Barteau, Ifan Payne, and everyone at the Magdalena Ridge Observatory for sharing your impressive facility, fascinating work, and breathtaking views with us
Michael Bisbee for your invaluable insight and knowledge of Magdalena
Mike and Sam Christie and everyone at the Mill Restaurant for feeding all our hungry mouths
Catherine DeMaria at Warehouse 1-10 for sharing your beautiful space and community with us
Eames Demetrios for reanimating a longtime HDTS site with your storytelling at the Kabin
Meghan Ferguson and the Tamarind Institute for hosting us in the gallery and letting us set up camp in the courtyard
John Grady at Area 66 for your assistance finding a site in Yucca
KB Jones for stepping in as our unofficial Albuquerque contact and point person
Randy Polumbo, Larry, the Evangenitals, and everyone at Art Queen for hosting the most lovely brunch imaginable 
Dennis and Herberta Holly Schroeder at the Hill Top Motel for your enthusiasm and support of HDTS and DocuMart
Mary, Laura, and James Sibley and everyone at The Palms, for all your insight and help leading up to the event, and for whipping up hundreds of homemade enchiladas for our opening dinner...plus, being crazy enough to perform a full Sibleys set moments later!  We wish we had your energy and endurance!  Special thanks to Kip Fjeld for helping keep the cold beers flowing late into the night, and to The Renderers for rounding out the night with an amazing set!
Jeff Stein, Mary Hoadley, Kate Bemesderfer, and everyone at Arcosanti for sharing one of our biggest heroes - Paolo Soleri's - visionary place with us
Erica and Doug White, Kyle, Shelly, and everyone at the Crown King Saloon for the most fun time.  Thanks for hosting us, staying open late on a Tuesday night, and for karaoke!

Lily Fein, Alison Jean Cole, Kip Fjeld, Chris Miller, Dean Schimmel, Alexa, Leah Weinstein, and Lucas Wrench for giving our artists a hand putting up and taking down their projects
Jay Lizo, Megan Sallabedra, Danielle Segura, Julie Weiman, and Jennifer Wong for holding down the fort at the HDTS HQ
Adrienne Adar, Laurel Bybee, Patrick FrommEric Gardner, Justin GoldwaterTyler Graim (look out for his documentary, on the way), Vivian Haesloop, Susan KempChris Liem, Nika Kaiser, Adam Wyner, and Anna Xu for your help capturing the sights and sounds of HDTS 2013, and Suzanne Calkins and Gabie Strong at KCHUNG (stay tuned for a special HDTS segment, coming soon!)

Fairfax Dorn, David Knaus, Aram Moshayedi, Anne Pasternak, Andrea Rosen, and Robert Stone, for your support and guidance through our very first fundraiser and our very first year as a 501(c)3 – we are so very grateful to have you on our board
Bettina Korek, Sarah Williams, and everyone at ForYourArt for your continued support of HDTS
Libby Lumpkin and Dave Hickey for agreeing to be curatorial advisors for this event (and for putting up with us landing on your doorstep with over 300 unsorted proposals!) 
Andy Stillpass for generously opening up your Gamma Gulch parcel as a HDTS project site, year after year
Tellef Tellefson for always being there when there's a blog or website header emergency, and for your innovative thinking (check out the HDTS.me real-time photo mapping project he initiated!)
James Trainor for your thoughtful contribution to the catalogue (on a really tight deadline, nonetheless)
Vanesa Zendejas and Alison Jean Cole for keeping things under control out at the Encampment

OUR DONORS - we are so grateful to everyone who supported our HDTS 2013 fundraising campaign:  William Adair, Alisha Adams, Anonymous, ArtSite Projects, Artyzen, Jacquelynn Baas, Ball Nogues, Joanna Barth, Thomas Baum, Andrew Beccone, Anne Beck, Christopher & Kristin Beinner James, Barbara Bestor, Patricia Briggs, Brent Budsberg, Gesa Buettner, David Buuck, Laurel Bybee, Elizabeth Calkins, Paul Chavez, Tom Christie, Alison Jean Cole, Krysten Cunningham, Betil Dagdelen, N. Dash, Catherine Davis, Erin Decker, Deborah Dejah, Toby Devan Lewis, Bob Dornberger, Patrick Doyle, Jim Drain, David Duchin, Brad Dunning, Shannon Ebner, Larry Fields, Naomi Fisher, Kara Fox, Jill Fraser, Serena Fu, Eliane Gans, Christina Gast, Danielle Giudici Wallis, Jim Scott Goddard, Tyler Green, Yancy Grimm, Kimberly Hahn, Teneille Haggard, Claire Hickman, Asuka Hisa, Melissa Hoang, Greg Hohman, Margot Ittleson, Lisa Ivorian-Jones, Heather Johnson, Steven Johnson, Craig Kalpakjian, Flora Kao, Sant Khalsa, Nancy Klein, Karen Koblitz, Bettina Korek, Laura Lasworth, Chad Latham, Diantha Lebenzon, Ahree Lee, Bernard Leibov, Jennifer Leitch, Toby Devan Lewis, Jay Lizo, Karen Lofgren, Debbie Long, Joshua Mack, Donna J. MacMillan, Fatima Manalili, Tiprin Mandalay Follett, Ari Marcantonio, Rae Markle, Emily Mast, Danielle McCullough, Melissa McGill, Christina McPhee, David Meltzer, The Mica Foundation, Barbara Morse, Aram Moshayedi, Kate Moxham, Katherine Niemela, Aaron Noble, Jennifer Nocon, Cory Nomura, UuDam Nguyen, Susan & Leonard Nimoy, Heidi Nye, Maja Oeri, Scott Oliver, Christina Ondrus, Anne Pasternak, Marilyn Pearl Loesberg, Julia K. Perini, Randy Polumbo, Suzanne Popper, Ron Radziner, Jennifer Reifsneider, Rachel Riley, Alexander Robinson, Andrea Rosen, Brent Roske, Anne Rowland, Rebecca Rudolph, Carolyn Schneider, Danielle Segura, Chris Sewell, Alexandra Shabtai, Jill & TK Smith, Phillip K. Smith III, Paul Socolow, Jerry Sohn, A.L. Steiner & A.K. Burns, Maury Swoveland, Viranda Tantula, Austin Thomas, Laraine Turk, Tracy Tynan , USA Projects, James Van Arsdale, Tatiana Vahan, Nancy Voegeli-Curran, Diane Waldman, Julie Weiman, Jennifer West, Peter West, Ronald Willy, Allan Wilson, Matthew Wilson, Steve Winawer, Anita & John Wong, and Adam Wyner

FINALLY, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT FOR HDTS 2013.  Whether you made it to one site or joined us on the entire trip – thank you.  Hundreds of people made it out to the opening weekend in Joshua Tree, and an especially adventurous bunch continued on with us into the week.  

We'd like to give a special shout out to the HDTS 2013 road trippers (from all over the US, plus Canada, and even the UK!):
Alisha Adams and crew, Alison Amberg, Ali Azimi, Katie Bachler, Julia Barbee, Smilee Barnacle, Michael Bisbee and wife, Kurt and Kc Brethauer, Julia Calabrese, Suzanne Calkins, Jin Camou, Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, Pilar Conde, Catherine Kimball Davis, Deborah Davis, Angela de la Agua, Amy Derimais, Lea Donnan, Neil Doshi, Patrick Doyle, Matt Dreiling, Jim Dultz, Lily Fein, Lars Fisk, Kip Fjeld, Marisa Frantz, Daniel Glendening, Tyler Graim, Christian Hackett, Joseph Herring and crew (Brandon Wigent, Chavis Day, Christian Steffanini, Eliza Espy, Hannah Glenny, Jason Pinckard, Marina Quirk, Richard Rodriguez, Jarrod Goldman, Stijl Caljoun), Amy Hoffman, Brad Hudson Thomas, Brooks Hudson Thomas, Sharman Forman Hyde, Michael Iauch, Matthew Irwin, KB Jones, Chris Kallmyer, Katie Kallmyer, Jim Kanter, Anna Koch, Tom Kracauer, Todd Lerew, Anthony Leslie, Debbie Long, Jim Lutz, Kera Mackenzie, Adam Marnie, Danielle McCullough, Gemma McKinnie, Ellen Osborne, Susan Osborne, Courtney Prokopas, Jennifer Reifsneider, Erin Schneider, Lake Sharp, Eden Solas, Willy Somma, Catharine Stebbins, Ed Steck, Gabie Strong, Matt Suplee, Aurora Tang, Tellef Tellefson, Tiffanie Tran, Tracy Tynan, Lisa Ward, Julie Weiman, Leah Weinstein, Michael Welsh, Olav Westphalen, Bradley Wilson, Matthew Winkler, Emily Wobb, Adam Wyner, Anna Xu, Andrea Zittel (plus Maggie, Otto, Sparky, and Spirit)

Thank you all so much!

PS: Andrea would like to add a personal thank you to the HDTS 2013 core crew: Aurora Tang, Brad Hudson Thomas, Brooks Hudson Thomas, and Eden Solas.