high desert test kitchen
april ingredient: cholla buds
april 17, 2017


The abundance of spring is undeniable, and is reflected in the increasingly diverse food offerings that have sprouted since the lean winter months. Grab your tongs and get ready to twist a few (cactus) arms, we’re chowing on cholla! The buds of the many species of cholla cacti have long-been a major food source for peoples inhabiting the desert. These calcium-packed greenies also help to control blood sugar levels, making it an alterative medicinal food. The buds form at the ends of the chubby stalks, and look a little like asparagus tips. They’re not something you’d want to eat raw, but if you boil them, they have endless possibilities as a vegetable to compliment a light summery dinner. For more information on how to process the buds, check out Tohono O’odham Community Action’s website, or support TOCA by purchasing their dehydrated buds at the Malki Museum or online.

For more information on HDTK, as well as helpful tips on where cholla grows and it's many uses, check out Sarah's website

Monday, April 17th at 7pm
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
65336 Winters Road, Joshua Tree, CA