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january ingredient: yerba santa
january 16, 2017


Coming down from the holiday high can be a bit rough and may leave your immune system running ragged. Forgo the post-party blues and fortify your body and mind with a little bit of holy herb, Yerba Santa

This evergreen shrub featuring shiny, deep green leaves with paler, matte undersides makes a delicious tea that tastes a bit like a Shirley Temple from the medicine cabinet—and fittingly is a traditional herbal elixir for a whole host of respiratory ailments. Most commonly used as an expectorant and decongestant, this magical little plant can also assist with digestion, clear unhealthy bacteria in the urinary tract, and help expel stored emotions held in the body. So although it’s a medicinal plant, it’s a soothing one that can still be enjoyed by even the healthiest of us. So cough up a dish and join us at the Copper Mountain Messa Community Center on January 16th at 7pm!

Monday, January 16th at 7pm
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
65336 Winters Road, Joshua Tree, CA