Hits of Sunshine - This Saturday!
november 3-4, 2012

220 Photo: Jodi Darby

In early October, Lisa Schonberg, Heather Treadway, and Allan Wilson, rolled into Joshua Tree from Portland, Oregon in two vehicles packed high with drums and speakers (Allan was actually on tour with his band chk!chk!chk! and played four shows on the way down.)  Since then, they've been living for a month outdoors in the sunshine and rocks, sighting bobcats and bighorn sheep, while amassing a black widow count of 13 (causing mild PTSD anytime one of them has to reach into a dark cavity).  Throughout the month they have been hard at work on a multifaceted new body of sound work and band uniforms (designed by Heather using a palate inspired by purple cactus on Garth's land).

This work will premiere this weekend, November 3 - 4, 2013, at High Desert Test Sites, beginning at 5:00 pm Saturday at A-Z West, where guests will follow the artists through different parts of the land for a series of site-specific performances.  Audiences will head to the shipping container courtyard for a contact mic performance from TJO and NICK+JAMES, then hike up to a rocky outcropping where Allan will debut 5 new compositions based on local field recordings (including the sound of barrel cactus needles, desert mistletoe, local radio transmissions, yucca plants, wind (!), Wagon Stations opening and closing, and the sun moving across the outdoor kitchen roof).  Finally, the entire Hits of Sunshine crew will play a very special set under the stars, including works such as Fuck the 7-11 Across the Street, Von’s Tundra, and Tin Pan Allan—with a brilliant film and light program by Julie Perini projected onto the surrounding boulders throughout the evening.

The event continues Sunday, with a performance at the most remote HDTS site: Sound Camp.  Sited in a natural amphitheater of giant boulders, the Hits of Sunshine crew will perform an acoustic set, joined by collaborators Tara Jane Oneil and NICK+JAMES.

After the event, keep your eyes peeled for the documentary about it all by Jodi Darby!

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Nighttime Performance: 5:00–??? pm, A-Z West

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Daytime Performance: 11:00 am caravan from the HDTS HQ, Sound Camp

The 2012 Hits of Sunshine Tour includes:

Lisa Schonberg (Secret Drum Band/STLS/Explode Into Colors)  
Heather Treadway (fashion designer/Explode Into Colors/Secret Drum Band)
Allan Wilson (chk!chk!chk!)
Tara Jane Oneil (musician)
Julie Perini (filmmaker)
NICK+JAMES (dancers)



Consider bringing lots of water, snacks, big hats, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a flashlight, a blanket, a trash bag for your refuse (leave no trace!), and make sure your car has plenty of gas.  Phone reception is spotty and GPS systems don't always work, so plan out your itinerary ahead of time.  As with any trip to the desert, be prepared for unpredictable road conditions and shifts in temperature (autumn days can be pretty warm, but temperatures drop significantly when the sun goes down).  


Don't forget to check out our other HDTS sites and the HDTS HQ.  The HDTS HQ is open from 11 - 3 PM Saturdays and Sundays.  Stop in before performances to pick up a driving map to all of our current sites, browse the HDTS Archive, and check out the new offerings at the HDTS Life Enhancement Shop. 

Sunday, November 4 also happens to be our friend Leonard Knight's 81st birthday!  Take a trip down to Salvation Mountain in Niland, near the Salton Sea, to celebrate.

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