kip's desert book club
the mojave by david darlington
april 3, 2017

I have been looking forward to reading The Mojave by David Darlington for quite a while now. His subtitle is "A portrait of the definitive American desert" and as anyone that lives in the Mojave can tell you, that would be a challenging painting of words indeed. 

As I will be reading this work along with you this month, I have not as yet formed an opinion as to whether he is up to the task, but the reading has been pleasant so far and I am quite optimistic. Let's meet at the Tuttle's incredible dome house at 7:00pm on April 3rd and hear what everybody has to say! 

Steve and Mary Helen live in the Copper Mountain Mesa area, right off of a paved road. From down town JT, Turn North on Sunburst, Right on Golden, left on Border, keep your eyes out for Pole and Del Oro signs and turn right on Winters, with the street sign on the left hand side of the road and the large Book Club sign on your right. Drive 2 miles and turn right on Sunever. The dome is on the corner, I'll mark it with a sign so you can't miss it. If the weather is nice we will be outside to enjoy the 360 degree view, so bring a folding chair if you have one. —Kip