Kip's Desert Book Club
Playa Works: The Myth of the Empty by William Fox
December 4, 2017 at Boxo House


Dry lake beds have been a subject near and dear to my heart for a long time. It turns out that a very insightful book was written about them in 2002. I am looking forward to our December 4th meeting at Bernard Leibov's BOXO House at 7 PM to talk about Playa Works: The Myth of the Empty by William Fox. A PDF copy of Playa Works can be found on the Project Muse site,
I know time to read is at a premium during the holidays, so I found a quick and easy mystery set in the eastern Mojave for January. Mojave Desert Sanctuary by Gary J. George should be perfect. 

The BOXO House address is 62732 Sullivan Rd. Joshua Tree, CA but don't bother to GPS yourself there, it will end in tears. Simply turn south on Whitefeather Rd. off of Hwy 62, drive past the hospital and turn right on the second dirt road when you see the Boxo sign. Bernard's house will be the second one on the left with the Book Club sign in front. Bring a folding chair if you have one so we are sure to have enough seating and try to park around back near the garage if you can. See you there and don't forget to bring the delicious snacks and drinks!