Kip's Desert Book Club
relicts of a beautiful sea by christopher norment
august 6, 2018 in 29 palms

I am really excited to announce the book Relicts of a Beautiful Sea by Christopher Norment for the August 6th Desert Book Club meeting at 7:00 pm. Unlike most environmental books, filled with doom and gloom, this book is filled with hope and positive examples. It also is unique in that it describes our desert in terms of geologic time, which I found quite enlightening. Even if the latin animal names and the governmental topics slow you down, make sure you make it to the end to receive an inspirational message from Christopher to all of us. 
For the last 3 years we have been meeting at Nancy's super cute cabin in August, but this year it didn't work out, so we look forward to returning next year. This time we will be heading for Indian Cove in 29 Palms. To get there from downtown JT, go east on Hwy 62 and turn right on Indian Cove Ave (Indian Cove Market). Turn right on Sullivan Rd and then turn right on Pine Spring Ave. I will have the white Book Club signs out to guide you. On paved roads for a change!
See you in August! —Kip