low-cost herb clinic and plant meditation
with herbalist rachel burgos
September 29-30, 2018 at the HDTS HQ and "Behind the Bail Bonds"

Join us for this month's programs with herbalist Rachel Burgos of Snakeroot Apothecary

On Saturday, September 29th from 9am-1pm Rachel will be at the HDTS HQ at the Sky Village Swap Meet for her monthly low-cost herb clinic. Rachel will offer 30-minute consultations for a suggested donation of $30 (pay what you can). You will receive herbs and wholistic advice for physical and emotional ailments and leave with a custom 2oz formula. Rachel will be formulating on the spot with 20 of her favorite herbs and 10 favorite flower essences. Consultations will be done in a public space; though all information shared will remain confidential. First come, first served, with 6 spots available. 

On Sunday, September 30th at 10:30am, join Rachel in creating a community Materia Medica based on direct experiences we will have with plants. Over the past few months we have worked together to build a body of collected knowledge through plant meditations, medicinal plant walks, and conversations about our relationships with these beings. Everyone is welcome, free of charge with no sign ups required. From 29 Palms Hwy and Park Dr, drive east one mile to the Bail Bonds Sign (on your right). Turn RIGHT onto Neptune. Drive up Neptune. Road will veer LEFT. Follow road along powerlines, meet in the HDTS parking area right before turnaround.

"Plant meditations are non-linear ways for us to sit with and listen to the information these plant spirits offer. As everyone's energy varies, our experiences differ, but oftentimes we can find a common thread. As we familiarize ourselves with this method of connecting and communicating with plants we can share our experiences and knowledge with others. The objective of this project is to connect humans with plants to help heal our communities and ecologies through establishing reciprocity, reverence, and respect for non-human spirits."—Rachel

Rachel Burgos is an herbalist who dedicates her clinical work to provide preventative health care and education using plant, stone, animal & earth medicines in a holistic way. This encompasses but not limited to focusing on the patterns of imbalance we create through various traumas, ancestral patterning for both chronic and acute, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalances.

Email us at info@highdeserttestsites.com with questions or for more information about either of these monthly programs.