Doomsday Crèches
October 14, 2013 - October 19, 2013

I have passed through Kingman, AZ many times.  It’s a perfect I-40 rest stop, near the Nevada and California borders, along historical Route 66.  I’ve always been curious about it, but also felt strangely unwelcome, an experience echoed often to me by fellow travelers.
I have since learned that the Kingman area has long been a center for militias, survivalists/“preppers”, and white power groups.  Looming large in the social imaginary of these movements is the idea that the End of Days is imminent. 

My Doomsday Crèches are sculptural tableaux, modeled on traditional nativity displays but instead portraying scenes from the apocalyptic Book of Revelations in the New Testament.  It is an outsider’s attempt to engage in discourse with a location that expects me to simply pass through.


Monday–Sunday, October 14–October 19, 2013
Kingman, Arizona

Directions: Take Andy Devine Rd (Route 66) east to Airfield Avenue.  Turn right on Airway Road.  Continue going straight after the paved road ends, and the road turns to dirt (the name fo the road will change to El Paso Rd).  Once the road turns to dirt, reset your mileage meter.  At 1.4 miles you will see a dirt road peeling off on your left.  Take it.  Follow this fire road for 0.3 miles, until you reach a clearing.  Park and walk towards the wash.