Photo: Tyler Matthew Oyer
Hello, Dolly!


A live performance of Hello, Dolly!; all roles played, songs sung, and lines delivered by the artist.


Drawing from the writing of Victor Turner--


In dialogue with themes of the post apocalyptic, this performance is meant to be an example of theatre or spectacle uncontained by the cultural institutions which seek to bottle with categories of competition, strength, modes of simulation, and controlled disorientation. Existing out of the mesh of social control, this performance is an example of a bricoleur of the frail transient and idealistic constructions, like the magpie's nest or the caddis worm. This "play" provides the possibility of changing our social goals, and therefore the restructuring of what our culture states to be reality.


This performance, as ultimately a video, will feature the set-up of cameras and sound recording devices, the construction of a simple sculptural proscenium (symbol of the theatre, and an attempt to frame the unframed, re-order the setting), and a live solo performance of the Broadway classic, Hello, Dolly! The play was chosen for its exaggerated gender representations, its contradictory master narrative, and farcical underpinnings. In relation to a post apocalyptic theme, it seems fitting that although most material possessions of a culture would be destroyed, the narrative remains in the surviving individual.Hello, Dolly! becomes man's reassurance to existence; like its title- a second greeting to the dismantled society of a post apocalyptic world.