High Desert Mink Hole
October 18, 2013

High Desert Mink Hole is a multi-day performance/installation involving cooperation between present indigenous high desert plants and animals and future species of would-be-indigenous, would-be-high-desert plants and animals in order to solve desert plant infertility in a distant and post-human future, a future in which an imprudent alliance between the Bogus Yucca Moth (Prodoxus) and the Yucca Weevil (Scyphophorus yuccae) has impeded the reproduction of the entire genus yucca, especially that of the Joshua Tree.   Included in the performance movements are inter-species and inter-kingdom telecommunication featuring electronically augmented plant-to-animal/animal-to-plant telepathy, lepidopterist Mustelidae time travel using mechanically modified suitcases, Mojave-indigenous spotted skunk architecture, and yucca moth choreography.

Production/Participants: Brandon Wigent, Chavis Day, Christian Steffanini, Eliza Espy, Hannah Glenny, Jason Pinckard, Marina Quirk, Richard Rodriguez
Costume Design: Jarrod Goldman, Stijl Calhoun

Friday, October 18, 2013 - installation on view during the day, performance at 8 pm* 
Belen, New Mexico (coordinates: 34.559271, -106.553918)

Directions: Take NM 47 southeast from Belen.  From Hwy 47, turn onto Manzanita Rd (you will drive through a "Tierra Grande" gate and cattle guard--if you see a house with a Batman logo on the garage, you're going the right way.  Drive 4.3 miles on Manzanita--you will hit an unmarked intersection--turn left here (unmarked Military Road).  Drive 1.3 miles until you reach a big curve to the left.  Pull over and park to the right.  

*Due to the remote nature of this site, we recommend you arrive before sunset.  (There will also be a caravan heading to the site after dark from the town of Belen, if you'd like to follow someone to the site–please meet at the Conoco Gas Station/Ali's Mini Mart at the Junction of Hwy 309 and 47 in Belen at 7 pm.)

Visitors are welcome to camp out overnight at this site--campers, please bring your own water, food, camping gear, and other provisions.  (Wonder Machine is also onsite and will be on view all evening.)