Image: Llano Del Rio
High-Desert Peace Pipe Archive

The High-Desert Peace Pipe has circulated in the Morongo Basin at sporadic intervals since 1976. Founded by ex-Marine Ron Fonstadt, the paper has been one of the important counter-cultural voices of the region. The Llano Del Rio Collective has collected some of its favorite articles from the Peace Pipe’s archive in the Yucca Valley Library.

The Llano Del Rio Collective draws its name from the socialist colony founded in California’s Antelope Valley by Job Harriman in the early Twentieth Century. It aims to expand cultural, social, and political imagination of Los Angeles through the production of thematic guides and related events and the hosting of a speakers bureau; HDTS participants include Steve Anderson, Katie Bachler, Ken Ehrlich, and Robby Herbst.

Download the High-Desert Peace Pipe Archive.