October 15, 2013

In May 2012, the Gladiator Fire ravaged an ecologically fragile mountain region in central Arizona, burning an area larger than the island of Manhattan. Dramatically saved by firefighters was the town of Crown King, an unpaved, historic mining town with a general store, two restaurant/bars, two churches, and a few visitor lodges: full-time population less than 100.

Hotshots interprets the fire-transformed high desert landscape for the visitor by inserting a series of bright yellow, slightly anthropomorphic viewing stations along the gravel road towards the town through the path of the fire.

Directions: The project will start at the  Cordes Station historic stage stop, roughly 3 miles from the Bloody Basin exit on I-17 (exit 259).  Look for the first of the bright yellow Hotshot boxes here, and follow them up to the town of Crown King.  This project is meant to be experienced in the daylight–it will probably take about 2 hours to get from Cordes Station to Crown King, if stopping to view the project along the way.

Afterwards, join us at the Mill Restaurant in Crown King for Happy Hour & Dinner (we can't wait to check out their brand new beer garden!), followed by a performance by Olav Westphalen at the Crown King Saloon.  

Listen to an interview with Saskia and Victor by Gabie Strong for KCHUNG Earth Art Radio.