How to Survive
April 30, 2011 - May 1, 2011

The second The New Everyday Life workshop was a survival skills building weekend organized by Alyse Emdur and Michael Parker.

The weekend kicked off at A-Z West with a hands-on workshop introducing solar oven designs, histories, and methods. A step-by-step zine helped guide us through the process of constructing our own solar ovens. Afterwards, dancer/choreographer Flora Wiegmann tought choreography stemming from safety and survival movements in the high desert landscape. On Saturday afternoon, Aaron Freeman and Tyler Nathan demystified the corporatization of distillation, both for liquor and fuel. A solar dinner was served, followed by homemade beers, wines, and liquors.

On Sunday, after the fanciest solar oatmeal breakfast imaginable, we had the extraordinary opportunity to tour Aaron and Ronda Mueller's completely off-the-grid lifestyle in a boulder oasis high above Pioneertown. Think soft footprints, gardens, composting toilets, solar cells, and interlocking yurts. The event concluded with an in-depth Q&A.

Weekend Itinerary

Saturday, April 30th

How to Build a Solar Oven with Alyse Emdur and Michael Parker

Safety and Survival Movements with Flora Wiegmann

Distilling with Aaron Freeman and Tyler Nathan

Solar Dinner

Home-made beers, wines, and liquors from Aaron and Tyler

Sunday, May 1st

Solar Oatmeal

Caravan to Ronda and Aaron Mueller's home (about 25 miles from downtown Joshua Tree)

Homestead tour of Ronda and Aaron’s completely off-the-grid living in a boulder oasis high above Pioneertown