Photo: Andrea Zittel
Nomadic Studio Practice Experiment

Nomadic Studio Practice Experiment: The Swap Meet
Saturday, October 15, 2011, 8 AM - 1 PM
at the Sky Village Swap Meet in Yucca Valley

Nomadic Studio Practice Experiment: The Palms
Saturday, October 15, 2011, 3 PM - 3:30 PM
at The Palms on Amboy Road in Wonder Valley


"My work addresses relentless obsessive fascinations with topics such as, exposure, desire, process and meaning. I perform in a calculated yet spontaneous manner, using props to punctuate my actions.  Combining slapstick comedy and monologue to emphasize my thoughts and questions about one’s existence, I want to ask, What is existence?or What is a physical object?I then attempt to answer these life questions, and more, while inhabiting different characters and personas, each differentiated through costume and costume changes, with all shifts taking place before the audience.  Each character has a task and an action to accomplish.

The environments I perform in provide the forum, an open-air laboratory (of thought), creating both a theatrical space while also doubling as a platform for living sculpture.  I transform the space through the use of props, musical instruments and personas.  Everything is in play and everything is mobile.  I often ritualize my performance environment through the repetition of actions and words.  The culmination of these actions finds my various characters physically building a sculpture that marks my study into being and process, illustrating my findings, resulting with a sculptural installation, activated by performative action. Thus exposing the artistic process to the audience.

Seeking a balance that seems impossible to achieve, but I continue to try through the use of a D.I.Y. mentality and a belief that there is simplicity to be found in the complexity of life. I am not striving for perfection as society deems it but for a want in taking responsibility for the emotions I feel. Fear. Panic. Hate. Envy. Lust.  By touching on emotions that our corporate society plays on to manipulate us, I strive to bring others and myself to a place of shared camaraderie."