Photo: Sam Falls
Transient Response / Land Tender

Sam and Dash will be coloring fabric with hand-made natural dyes and placing them at a specific locale in Joshua Tree. Sam's pieces will be exposed to the elements above ground in the sun and wind, while Dash's fabric will be buried beneath and encounter the subterranean environment. Both pieces will absorb the region–sun or darkness, moisture and heat, soil and air–and display these uniquely upon retrieval and unearthing. Together their representation of Joshua Tree will uncover the toll of linear time passed in this specific geographical location.

Kol will return to Joshua Tree to do a version of an ongoing project called Land Tender.  He won't bring anything with him or leave anything behind. He will tend–clean up debris, prune trees and give general attention to the land.  The specific work to be done will be determined at the site.  He will work an eight hour-a-day–five day work week.