Andy Stillpass’s 100-acre HDTS parcel in the mind-blowingly scenic Pipes Canyon currently hosts projects by Lea Cetera, Karen Lofgren, Scout Regalia, Halsey Rodman, and Tao Urban.  *This site has experienced some damage due to vandalism in the past - please help us prevent any future incidents by letting us know if anything appears amiss while you are out there there.  Thank you!

Directions:  From 29 Palms Hwy/Hwy 62 turn north onto Pioneertown Road in Yucca Valley. Drive 7.5 miles up the hill, through Pioneertown to Pipes Canyon. Turn right onto Pipes Canyon Rd. Drive 2.4 miles. Turn left onto Gamma Gulch Rd (please respect our neighbors - do not drive above 20 mph on this road!), and drive 1.6 miles. Turn right onto Gods Way Love (east - if the sign as blown off, look for David & Jeannie's sign). Drive 0.4 miles.

A downtown Joshua Tree gallery founded by Shari Elf and Randy Polumbo, and home to The World Famous Crochet Museum.

Directions: On the south side of Hwy 62, just west of Park Blvd in downtown Joshua Tree.

The ten acre, boulder strewn, parcel behind the Bail Bonds is the one corner of A-Z West that is open to the public. Sited up in the rocks is untitled by Sarah Vanderlip (two aluminum truck heads welded together) and below are signs by Julia Scher.

Directions: From 29 Palms Hwy and Park Dr drive east one mile to the big yellow Bail Bonds sign. Turn right onto Neptune. Drive up Neptune. Road will veer left. Follow the road along the powerlines and look for a parking spot right before the turnaround area.

A sprawling dry lakebed, popular with dirtbikers and 4x4 enthusiasts.

Directions: From Hwy 62, head north on Sunfair/Coyote Valley Rd.  Turn RIGHT on Broadway and keep driving.

The Ironage Road parcel is a 40 acre site out at the most eastern edge of Wonder Valley in the Sheephole Valley Wilderness area.  

Directions: From Twentynine Palms continue east on 29 Palms Hwy. Drive forever (23 miles) and look for the sign for Ironage Road. Turn left onto the dirt road right after the sign for Ironage. Drive a few miles until you see something.

For Carmen Argote's A Vast Furniture: Once you turn onto Ironage, reset your odometer and drive 1.3 miles (look for a small HDTS sign on your right/the east side of the road). Park at the side of the road - be sure to leave enough room for cars to pass!  Walk about 500 feet east, following the wash.


(By Eames Demetrios) Like many of the cabins in the area, this structure was originally used to house defeated heretics. This site explores the history and context of this important structure and community, including the remnants of its remarkable compass wheel.

Directions: From 29 Palms Hwy drive north on Sunburst.Take a right on Crestview. Drive 1.3 miles and take a right on Border again. Drive about one "block" - the Krblin Jihn Cabin will be on your left.

Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Desert Art Museum consists of 7.5 acres of open land displaying Purifoy's assemblage sculptures, created between 1989 and 2004. The works themselves are great - as is the decay due to the harsh elements of their desert setting. Resisting the ideologies of institutionalized art, Purifoy proposed to find out what role nature could play in the history of an art piece, arguing that "changes are an integral part of life itself."

Directions: From 29 Palms Hwy drive north on Sunburst. Follow the paved road as it turns right and then turns left and becomes Border. Turn right on Aberdeen drive onto dirt road and turn left on Center and then right again almost immediately on Blair Lane.

The Swap Meet in Yucca Valley is a world of its own; a dense shanty-like town of booths and stands packed with curios, desert junk, and overgrown cactus gardens. In the heart of the swap meet is the Crystal Cave—a masterpiece by Bob Carr, owner and creator of the Sky Village Swap Meet.

The Swap Meet is also home to the HDTS HQ—a visitor's center and creative hub where artists, craftsmen, visionaries, and friends engage with the high desert community through creative projects and performances. You can pick up a copy of our driving map to HDTS projects and other local sites of interest at the HQ every Saturday from 9 am–1 pm—and please check our website regularly to see what special events we have on the calendar.

Interested in organizing a project at the HQ? We are open to a wide variety of projects to present at the HQ, but are particularly interested in work that engages with our local community (who have a strong presence at the Swap Meet), encouraging their participation in a contemporary practice. Proposals are accepted via email and are reviewed year round.

Directions: 7028 Theater Road (just off Hwy 247, right behind Barr Lumber), Yucca Valley, CA 92286; 760-365-2104
*Email us if you'd like to get involved with the HDTS HQ at Sky Village Swap Meet!

The Palms is 15 miles east of town, but feels like the end of nowhere.  Our favorite desert haunt, where you can take time out to play a round of pool, order Pabst on tap, and buy used cowboy boots (opens at 3 PM).

Directions: From Hwy 62 head north on Adobe Rd in 29 Palms.  Turn RIGHT on Amboy Rd and continue about 13 miles.  83131 Amboy Rd, Wonder Valley 92277.

Andrea Zittel's project is the site of ongoing "investigations in living". Her A-Z enterprise encompasses all aspects of day to day living. Home furniture, clothing, and food all become the sites of exploration in an ongoing endeavor to better understand human nature and the social construction of needs and desires. Some of the experimental projects that have been developed at A-Z West include the A-Z Homestead Unit, the A-Z Wagon Stations and A-Z Advanced Technologies such as Paper Pulp Pannels and Fiber Forms.

Please Note! A-Z West is open to the public for workshops and special events on pre-announced dates. Because this is a personal residence, please respect the private drive signs and do not visit the site at other times.

Planar Pavilions at A-Z West is a permanent public work sited on the land between Zittel’s residence and the adjacent highway. Ten Planar Pavilions scattered across an area of about eleven acres. Each pavilion consists of a series of vertical planes that function as walls, boundaries, and divisions. These planes frame the surrounding landscape, isolate inside from outside, and provide physical and psychological forms of shelter. As the desert becomes increasingly developed, the pavilions function similar to ruins, or structures still in a state of construction, as an interstitial zone that is neither fully domesticated nor completely wild. In this instance the structures function both as architecture and as an extension of the landscape itself.


This site is the only part of A-Z West that is open to the public at all times. Viewers are invited to experience the Planar Pavilions in any way that does not alter or damage the structures, land, or surrounding vegetation. Support for the project was provided in part by a grant from the VIA Art Fund and the Guggenheim Foundation.


Directions: Head east on highway 62 from downtown Joshua Tree. In about one mile, you will see the Bail Bonds sign on your right, turn right as if into the parking lot, cotinue onton Neptune. Make the first left, at the next intersection you will see the Planar Pavilions on your right.