HDTS Headquarters

UPDATE:  The HDTS HQ at 6470 Veterans Way will be closed beginning May 2014.

We hope to save up for a more permanent space of our own one day, and reopen the HQ in the future in some form.  In the meantime, you can download a copy of our driving map here, and shop a selection of HDTS goods at our online shop.

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Pick up the driving map to the sites, browse our project archive, and shop for HDTS-related books, gifts, and postcards in the HDTS Life Enhancement Shop.  

Hours: Saturday - Sunday 11 - 3 pm  

Directions: The HDTS HQ is located just off of 29 Palms Hwy in downtown Joshua Tree, at 6470 Veterans Way.*  You'll want to head NORTH (a left if you're coming from Los Angeles) onto Veterans Road, a small street that is one block WEST of Park Blvd.  We're right around the corner from Pie for the People and Instant Karma Yoga (also on the north side of 29 Palms Hwy.) 

*Please keep in mind that our address doesn't always show up in GPS/mapping applications.