HDTS Headquarters

UPDATE:  The HDTS HQ at 6470 Veterans Way will be closed beginning May 2014.

We hope to save up for a more permanent space of our own one day, and reopen the HQ in the future in another location.  In the meantime, you can download a copy of our driving map here, and shop a selection of HDTS goods at our online shop.

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Thanks so much for your ongoing support! 


The HDTS HQ at 6470 Veterans Way in downtown Joshua Tree was open on weekends from summer 2010 to spring 2014.  Visitors stopped by to pick up driving maps to the sites, browse our project archives and desert research library, and shop for HDTS-related books, gifts, and postcards in the HDTS Life Enhancement Shop.

Thanks so much to our wonderful HQ volunteers over the years: Hector Alvarez, Sofia Arreguin, Chris Badger, Jonathan Ballak, Steffi Balcik, Geena Barker, Brian Bosworth, Laurel Bybee, Suzanne Caulkins, Timothy Chinnock, Catherine Davis, Georganne Deen, Bob Dornberger, Matt Dreiling, Emily Ensminger, Tyler Graim, Sarah Harris, Sandy Krause, Chelsea Larkin, Jena Lee, Jay Lizo, Tara Lemasters, Ari Marcantonio, Deborah Martin, Andrea Osojnik, Jamie Poole, Megan Plunkett, Megan Sallabedra, Danielle Segura, Greta Schluenz, Eden Solas, Hannah Stearn, Catharine Stebbins, Angela Suchey, Melissa Tolar, Julie Weiman, Kate Wertheimer, Alexandra Wetzel, Patrick Woody, Lucas Wrench, Kim Zuniga.  

Extra special thanks to Brad Hudson Thomas and Brooks Hudson Thomas for their above and beyond involvement helping to keep the HQ running smoothly and looking good!